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How it works

Quick secured short terms loans

Instantly turn your assets into cash with no credits checks, for up to 70% of their value. Simply follow these easy steps to a secure a short term loan.

Submit an application

  • Apply online
  • Call our 24 hour helpline on 020 7486 5981
  • Visit our Central London shop
  • Arrange a home visit

Valuation of your items

Our experts assess your valuables at no cost to yourself and provide you with a formal loan offer.

Accept loan offer & receive money the same day

If you agree to the loan offer, you provide your ID and recent proof of address and sign the loan agreement. You then receive the cash instantly. It's that simple!

Repay anytime and valuables returned

The loan is for 6 months and there are no payments to make during this time. At any time within the 6 month term of the loan you can repay the amount outstanding and interest is only charged to the month in which you repay. Immediately on repayment, your valuables will be returned to you.

Contract Agreement

The credit agreement that is entered into by the customer and Pawnbrokers Today is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. This is a contract for 6 months, with no minimum period on the contact. Any item(s) that have been pawned can be redeemed at any time

  • Redeem the agreement - This means the customer pays
    Pawnbrokers Today the value of the loan, plus the interest
    accrued to date; or
  • Renew the agreement - This means the customer pays
    Pawnbrokers Today the interest only and a new loan agreement
    is issued for a further six months.

Five months after the date of the loan we will write to the customer informing that the contract is almost due and reminding them of the final date to redeem. Once the contract has expired we send another letter of notification to give the customer one more chance to redeem or renew their pledge.

If the customer does not redeem or renew then we'll simply sell on the item used as collateral to recoup the cost of the loan and return the difference to the customer.

Our professional staff aims to serve its clients with transparency and respect in discrete surroundings, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Call us free on our 24 hour helpline 020 7486 5981 for a quote.


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