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Frequently asked questions

What is pawnbroking?

Pawnbroking is simply a loan secured on an item of value. The valuables can range from jewellery and watches to fine artwork and antiques.

What items can I use to obtain a pawnbroker loan?

We loan against items of value including:

  • Fine watches
  • Jewellery
  • Antiques
  • Fine Artwork
  • Gold
  • Silverware
  • Luxury Cars

For examples of what we loan against please click here

What items do you not loan against?

We do not currently loan against electrical items such as laptops, cameras, and game consoles.

Will you lend against damaged items?

Our valuation will take into account the condition of your valuables. For example, damaged jewellery will be valued on the weight of precious metal and the size and quality of any precious stones it contains. We also accept watches that are not working but we will factor this into the valuations.

Why should I use your company for a secured short term loan?

We treat our customers with transparency, respect and honesty. Being an independent pawnbroker, we are dedicated to offering our customers a more personal service, in discrete and modern environment that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Read more.

How quickly can I obtain my loan?

Once our experts have your valuables, the appraisal and loan offer can be completed in less than at Pawnbrokers Today. However artwork and antiques may take up to three days to value.

Is the loan process with Pawnbrokers Today private?

Yes, you can be assured of absolute discretion. Your personal information is kept private and unlike other pawnbrokers we do not pass on your details onto any third parties.

Do you carry out any credit checks?

Our loan process involves no credit checks. Your item is provided as security for your loan, making any credit checks unnecessary.

Will NOT repaying my loan affect my credit rating?

Not repaying your loan has absolutely no effect on your credit rating. The item you have provided as security for your loan will simply be sold to recoup the cost of the loan, plus the outstanding interest amount. The difference will be returned to you.

How will you appraise my valuables?

In order to appraise your valuables, we take into consideration several factors such as its condition, age and desirability. For more information on how we appraise valuables please click here.

How long does the contract run for?

A typical pawnbroker loan runs for 6 months from the date you pledge your items, though you can terminate at any time by repaying the loan plus interest. In certain circumstances, you can also renew your pledge by signing a new contract for a further 6 month period. It's entirely up to you!

Can I pay back my loan early?

Yes, at any point during the 6 months you can repay the loan. There are no early redemption charges if you do so.

Can I extend/renew my loan?

Yes you can, subject to approval, you simply pay the interest owing at any given time and your pawnbroker agreement will be renewed for a further 6 months.

Can I pay installments?

Your contract does not require you to make monthly installments. However, you can make partial payments at any time during your contract to pay the interest or even reduce the principal, ensuring that the amount you need to repay at the end of the contract is manageable. It’s entirely up to you!

How soon will I receive my cash loan?

Once the valuables have been appraised and the loan agreement completed, we will provide you with the cash immediately.

Do I need to make any payments during the loan agreement?

No, unlike some pawnbrokers there are no monthly repayments. You pay when you are ready; when you wish to redeem or renew your agreement.

How do I pay back the loan?

Paying back the loan is easy. You can either pay by cheque, chaps or by cash at our store. Please note that all payments must be clear before we release your valuables back to you.

How do I get my valuables back?

You can obtain possession of your valuables at any time during the contract by contacting Pawnbrokers Today and repaying the original loan plus any interest due. We will return your item to you immediately. If you have used our online pawnbroking service, your valuables will be sent back to you insured and trackable, via Royal Mail Special Delivery, at no cost to yourself.

If I don't repay my loan, what happens?

If you cannot repay your loan after your contract ends, you can renew for the full length if you repay the interest outstanding. If, however, you cannot extend the contract, we simply sell the item to recoup the cost of the loan plus the outstanding interest amount. The difference will be returned to you.

Who regulates Pawnbrokers?

Pawnbrokers today is regulated by the Office of Fair Trading and has a full Consumer Credit.

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